Tinctures + Hydrosols

Lakenda Wallace teaches how to harness our favorite herbs and aromatics for applications in artisan perfumery.

Perfumery Business

Turning your passion for perfume into a business is no easy task. Sarah  Horowitz-Thran is here to help.

Perfume 202: Lab Strategies

Ashley Eden Kessler teaches the important next steps in your lab practice: from making solutions to  storing your materials.

Meet Catherine Haley Epstein

Catherine Haley Epstein shares her work with scent, writing and art in this latest edition of Meet a Nose.

Philosophy of Scent

Andreas Keller introduces the main concepts and methods of perceptual philosophy, with a focus on olfaction. 

Meet Harold McGee

James Beard Award-winning author Harold McGee discusses his work with scent in this edition of Meet a Nose.